End Of Her Rope

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the twist headband comfortable?

Yes, it is probably the most comfortable headband you will ever own!  Because there is no tension needed, there is no headband headache with these babies.  Imagine wearing a headband all day, that you don't have to fiddle with and that doesn't constantly slide off your head!  

Can I custom order a longer or shorter fit?

Yes, I am happy to do custom orders upon request as long as fabric supplies last. Please fill out a request on the contact page and let me know the specific measurements and the fabric you would like to have your twist made in.  Please note:  I add a two dollar extra charge per standard custom orders. 

What if I have an extra large or extra small size head?

Although my designs are created to be "one size fits all" not all head sizes are created equal.  However, MOST average adult women fit into a medium size headband (30" length). That means if you have a 21" to about 23 1/2" head circumference, you should be fine with sizing I offer. That being said, as stated above, I'm happy to do custom orders.  

Children age 10 and older should be fine with a medium size.  Ten and under should order a "custom" small fit. 


Can I wear it different ways?

Absolutely! All the twist headbands are designed to be worn either tied in the front or tied in the back, or even off to one side. Hair over, hair under, pony tail or not, short hair and long, that part's up to you.  See video for further info.

Are they washable?

I recommend that all twists be hand washed in cool water and lay flat to dry. Soap is fine.  Avoid dryer or top loading machine.  They can also be washed in a gentle cycle inside a "delicates bag".

You can untie the scrunchies, wash them, lay them flat to dry and retie again.

Does the wire ever get twisted or break?

With the right care and because of the thick rubber coating that surrounds the wire, it is virtually unbreakable.  

With washing or lots of use the wire can get twisted or bunched up inside the fabric. If this happens all you need to do is locate the two ends and give a gentle pull in opposite directions to straighten it again.

What do I do if my fabric gets wrinkles in it?

Some of the designs are made with silk or linen fabrics that have the tendency to get wrinkly with wear.  If this is the case simply wet or steam the fabric and lay flat to dry.